September 10, 2014 | Posted in:blog, News

Parliamentary resolution on Net Neutrality

A parliamentary resolution has been submitted to Parliament calling for the Government of Iceland to ensure net neutrality in Iceland. The resolution lays out the importance of equal access to the Internet, regardless of residential or financial status and calls for a bill to be prepared for Parliament on the legislative changes this necessitates in the autumn of 2015. The resolution calls for ISPs to be defined as common carriers and not as data service providers, and in being so classified, be defined as delivering fundamental services in accordance with our rights to access.

The debate about Net Neutrality keeps growing as plans of major corporations to create a new profitable resource that discriminates between people and businesses on the basis of residence and financial status have caused great alarm through out the global Internet society.

Internet Slow Lane Day

The debate intensified when the FCC published guidelines earlier this year proposing the creation of Internet fast lanes by ISPs, which inevitably will lead to the introduction of Internet slow lanes for those who cannot benefit from the aforementioned fast lanes. Websites such as Netflix, Upworthy and Reddit plan a protest today, 10th of September – on Internet Slowdown Day – to raise awareness and demand action to be taken to prevent the creation of a segregated Internet.

IMMI will fight for Net Neutrality both locally and globally – an open Internet with segregation is an oxymoron.

Take action and urge the FCC to ensure Net Neutrality via the Electronic Frontier Foundation’s platform here. Together we can protect the Internet.