May 26, 2015 | Posted in:blog, News

The IMMI steering group, under the leadership of the Ministry of Education and Culture, has been mostly dormant for the past year and a half. One of the factors was lack of personnel. Now, however, Hörður Helgi Helgason, a solicitor and ex CEO of the Icelandic Data Protection Authority, has been named chairman of the steering group and the steering group has already met twice in the past month to recommence work on the implementation of the IMMI parliamentary resolution. IMMI participates in the steering group, and we at IMMI have great hopes for the work ahead.

Information about the progress of the steering group will be presented in the near future.

Another group working to implement legislative reform overlapping with IMMI’s objectives is the working group tasked with implementation of the parliamentary resolution adopted this autumn: Resolution on establishing an Ecosystem for the Utilization of the Internet and Protection of User Rights. IMMI participates in the working group, paying special heed to user rights and legislation that may better protect user rights. We hope for good momentum and for legislative proposals to be presented by the group sooner rather than later. The working group works under the leadership of the Ministry of Industry and Innovation.

The urgency to implement the overall IMMI legislative package continues to grow as Iceland drops further down the list of press freedom. With a full implementation of the IMMI resolution however, and further legislative protection of personal data and privacy, Iceland will reverse this trend and rank again among those nations providing the best legislative protection for freedom of expression, press freedom, freedom of information and privacy.

IMMI’s objective is to establish a safe haven for freedom of information and freedom of expression in Iceland, of benefit to the global population, as well as advocating for and affecting similar measures around the world.

Expect momentum. We do.