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In 2010 the Icelandic Parliament unanimously adopted a resolution aiming to create a safe haven for freedom of information and freedom of expression in Iceland.

This resolution was put forth following public demands for transparency, media freedom enabling journalists to conduct actual journalism – which requires strong source protection and the protection of whistleblowers – while there was growing distrust in both the public and private sector following the economic collapse in 2008.

IMMI – which is a fully independent non-profit institute – was established in 2011 to promote and advocate for this resolution whilst assuming a watchdog role for freedom of information and freedom of expression.

A Switzerland of bits, a Safe Haven

The International Modern Media Institute (IMMI) is working to create a Safe Haven for freedom of expression, freedom of information, the right to privacy, the protection of whistleblowers and freedom of the media. We need to protect those rights online and offline, everytime, everywhere.

Leaks like the #panamapapers currently require massive teams to protect the research of the journalists working on the story, and even then there’s no guarantee of safety. Imagine a space where journalists can investigate worldwide crimes, free from the pressures of corrupt organizations. Imagine how much more corruption could be exposed if we provided a safer place for this work to take place – it could be the difference between the next big leak reaching the public or it being shunted by the rich and powerful.

This ‘Media Safe Haven’ in Iceland will serve as a quality standard for worldwide reform and legislation for data protection, privacy, freedom of information and freedom of expression.

You can be part of making it happen – be a part of the movement!

IMMILocal laws, global impact: The Icelandic Modern Media Initiative

In 2010, the Icelandic Parliament unanimously adopted a resolution tasking the government to write the best possible laws for a journalism Safe Haven in Iceland. IMMI was created as an organization independent from the government to ensure that the drafting process of the resolution would be a transparent and successful process. Currently IMMI is fighting for its survival and is primaily run by volunteer efforts. If we are to deliver on our commitment we need your support


Access to Information

Journalists and whistleblowers need a space that truly protects them and respects the work they do, and we the people need a space that gives us information uncorrupted by the influence of money and politics. IMMI exists to ensure the birth of a free, open platform that safeguards, hosts and guarantees access to the information that belongs to the people.


One example can make the difference

Funding our effort toward the first *true* safe haven for journalists is the first step to the rest of the world becoming a safer place for free expression. Enough talking, let’s start the process.

Help IMMI create this Safe Haven

Join us in creating a place where progressive modern laws protect privacy, information and expression. Your help is absolutely vital. You can help by donating to this fundraising effort and by spreading the word!

You can also Support IMMI by Sharing this Campaign via Social Media and spreading the word. And follow IMMI on Twitter and Facebook.

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