Net Neutrality and Equal Access

In a recent parliamentary resolution on Equal Access to the Internet, now being discussed at committee level, the ideology behind Net Neutrality is fully endorsed. In line with the ideology, ISPs are considered “common carriers” and not as “data service providers”, and therefore, not enabled to discriminate according to price, location, user, nationality, and so on, to provide faster or slower traffic to the user.

Net Neutrality is a core issue for the global community and one which will take global cooperation to protect. IMMI participates in the Global Net Neutrality Coalition, where organisations, civil society groups and NGOs support each other and share information in the aim of ensuring Net Neutrality.

Defamation Law Reform – Expression not to be punishable by imprisonment

IMMI will draft a bill for parliament to remove imprisonment as a penalty for defamation and other expression, building upon research conducted by the International Press Institute as well as criticism from Reporters without Borders.

Whistleblower Protection

A bill on Whistleblower Protection is expected to be presented to parliament later this year.

Removing Data Retention from Icelandic Law

IMMI will draft a bill for parliament to remove the Data Retention directive from Icelandic law, a directive that violates principles of proportionality, undermines privacy and requires telecommunications carriers to store great amounts of data, indiscriminately, in case of retroactive police investigations. This requires telecommunications carriers to both devote significant money and personnel to this task, whilst it undermines the trust of their users/clients.