Parliament today: Data Retention and Whistleblower Protection

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Today, the first round of discussions on the bill on the removal of Data Retention from Icelandic law will take place in parliament. Yesterday, the Constitutional Court of Slovakia cancelled mass surveillance of its citizens. The European Information Society Institute reported:


A bill on Whistleblowers, removal of Data Retention and more

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This week has seen parliamentary bills and a resolution, of relevance to IMMI and the safe haven objective, submitted to Alþingi (Icelandic Parliament). Links are in Icelandic: Bill on Whistleblower Protection (to be translated) Bill removing a clause in Icelandic


Victory for Net Neutrality

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Yesterday a landmark moment in the battle for freedom of the Internet was reached in the US when the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) voted 3-2 in favor of applying common carrier regulations to Internet service providers. Organizations and activists have


The Growing Demand

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Surveillance and Freedom of the Media As noted, the assembly of the Council of Europe published a report on surveillance which is to be debated at the assembly. Since the publishing of the report, a U.S. survey by Pew Research


Council of Europe: Surveillance, Privacy and Data Protection

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On Monday the Council of Europe’s Committee on Legal Affairs and Human Rights published a report on surveillance following worldwide debate on privacy and data protection initiated by the Snowden disclosures. The proposals for legislative reform and human rights protections,


War on Civil Liberties 2.0

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In an interview with Glen Greenwald, journalist and author James Risen spoke of how president Obama has normalised Bush’s war on terror. No reform has taken place, no serious reflection, no other ideas on how to proceed have been seriously


Russian translation of Birgitta’s keynote in the New Internationalist

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ДЕМОКРАТИЯ ЦИФРОВОЙ ЭПОХИ Наши нынешние демократические модели разваливаются и устаревают. Нам нужно создать нечто другое, более реальное и значительное. Активист и политик Биргитта Йонсдоттир показывает, как это можно сделать. Мы живем в интереснейшие, преображающие весь мир времена. На кончиках наших


Irons in the Fire: IMMI in 2014

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The political climate in Europe has taken a major U-turn in the last two years, and in 2014 it became significantly more dire. There has been a drastic shift in mood, from a progressive quest for a more liberal and


Global Net Neutrality Coalition

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IMMI has joined the Global Net Neutrality Coalition that consists of 51 organisations (and counting) fighting for Net Neutrality world wide. Net Neutrality implies that ISPs be defined as common carriers and not data service providers and as such ensures the


Chelsea Manning’s fourth birthday behind bars

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Today marks Chelsea Manning’s – one of the world’s most influential whistleblowers – fourth birthday behind bars. In early summer of 2010 Manning was arrested, though she was not sentenced until 3 years later, in August of 2013. Manning was