Freedom-Of-Information-Act-SmallIMMI specializes in 21st century law with focus on freedom of information, freedom of expression, privacy law and online privacy.  IMMI closely observes the development of legislation around the world keeping up with best practices, best ensuring human rights and privacy.

IMMI’s board and personnel have worked with experts, lawyers, activists and journalists, organizations and other institutions to maintain and disseminate knowledge. IMMI’s advice and comments are sought with regards to law, policy and safety of data within Icelandic jurisdiction.

IMMI is a contributor to the Digital Rights Watch project (DiRiWa), which aims to catalogue and monitor the digital- and information rights situation and humanitarian aspects which derive from it on a global scale.

The International Modern Media Institute is active in a wide range of policy issues. While many other NGOs and organizations exist which are better equipped to deal with specific policy topics, IMMI takes a holistic approach to information regulation in general, and as such focuses as much on the interactions between specific topics as the topics themselves.

Broadly our current research interests include: Communications Protection, Freedom of Information, History Protection, Judicial Process Protection, Libel Reform, Prior Restraint Limitations, Source Protection, Whistleblower Protection, Data retention and Net Neutrality.