Jérémie Zimmermann, spokesperson for La Quadrature du Net

“This Icelandic legislative project is a major breakthrough. Refusing repressive conservatism and the temptation of big corporations and politicians to control the Internet, Iceland would become a haven for freedoms on the Internet. We must support this initiative so that freedom of expression, which is essential to the good functioning of our democracies, is fully protected on the Internet. With laws such as the French HADOPI and LOPPSI or the ACTA, we might all end up hosting and sending our data through Iceland.”

Eva Joly – MEP

“I am proud to advise the Icelandic Modern Media Initiative’s proposal to create a global safe haven for investigative journalism. I believe this proposal is a strong way of encouraging integrity and responsive government around the world, including in Iceland. In my work investigating corruption I have seen how important it is to have have robust mechanisms to get information out to the public. Iceland, with its fresh perspectives and courageous, independent people seems to be the perfect place to initiate such an effort towards global transparency and justice.”

Icelandic Digital Freedoms Society

“The ideal of achieving freedom in the digital realm can only be reached with the establishment of a solid legal framework that protects the values that are important to our society. Our participation in the Icelandic Modern Media Initiative has been a reflection on this growing need.”

Julian Assange – The Sunshine Press / Wikileaks

“To expose corruption we have had to go to great lengths, including encrypting our communications, distributing our infrastructure around the world and outspending the largest private Swiss bank in court. But we cannot expect every publisher and every civic organization to take on such demands. The largest newspapers and even the BBC are now routinely censored by legal costs, and smaller corruption busting groups, from Global Witness to the TCI Journal are hounded from one end of the earth to the other. It is time such abuses were stopped. It is time the entire global community said, enough is enough, justice must be seen and history must be preserved. That is why we’re proud to have advised the Icelandic Modern Media Intiative. Iceland understands the value of transparency and deserves to be celebrated for its support of the public’s right to know.”

 Index on Censorship

“The Icelandic Modern Media Initiative addresses the key issues for free expression in the digital age, and may yet be the catalyst for the kind of legislative reforms that all 21st Century democracies will need.”