When IMMI was put forward in the Icelandic parliament in February 2010 – it got instant global attention. Iceland was in the focus of the international media because of the financial collapse, the third largest in human history, the popular uprising that led to the government to resign early 2009. The eyes of the world were on this tiny nation and how it would tackle the massive issues at hand. The Icelandic Modern Media Initiative and the process of the writing of the New constitution of Iceland by and for the people of Iceland became an inspiration for many. IMMI has been features in most of the main stream media around the world, indypapers, books, studies reports, been inspiration for students and teachers and the source for documentaries, we have picked out those that have been brought to our attention, if you see we are missing some IMMI inspired stories or events, please let us know and we might include it in our collection :)

Here is the very first keynote delivered on IMMI at here be Dragons by the WikiLeaks spokespeople @ – ccc 2009.